Anyplace [noun]

Definition of Anyplace:

unspecified area

Synonyms of Anyplace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anyplace:


Sentence/Example of Anyplace:

And there never was a nicer school anyplace than Lakeview Hall.

Did you know whether he had any friends from school or anyplace come to visit him, people his own age?

Did you observe any blood on the portion of his body in the neck area or anyplace in the front of his body?

Did they scan sufficiently to identify anything, to be alerted by anything in any window, on the roof, or anyplace else?

I lived so many places, Cleveland, and ever'place, but I made it here longer than anyplace—53 year.

Also that there are a lot of wooden nickels Upstairs—in orbit, on the Moon, anyplace.

Question is, if we're there, or anyplace else for that matter, why are we?

No one can take him anyplace he doesn't want to go, just as no one can hurt him in any way.

Could you say you definitely have ever seen him outside of the shop anyplace?

It twisted along thru the woods without seemin to come out much of anyplace.