Appellative [noun]

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Hence appellative words bearing any affinity with the names of the deceased are presently abolished.

We shall add, at the end, the appellative names contained in the laws, with their original and explication.

We must remember that nearly all Grecian proper names had some meaning: being compounds or derivatives from appellative nouns.

The schoolmaster's surname led him as far into dissertation as his Christian appellative.

But to make an application of the latter appellative at this time, would operate as an invitation to be knocked down.

Some of their great men were distinguished by an appellative taken from the length of their hair.

The only appellative for a river which I find derived from its sound is the Sanscrit nadi, Hind.

In the name of another lake in Russia, the Karduanskoi-ilmen, it seems to occur as an appellative.

In the book of Joshua we have a city called Ai; and this same term is used elsewhere as an appellative.

The name "Sakya Monni" is an appellative, meaning the monk or hermit of the Sakyas, the royal race to which he belonged.