Argumentations [noun]

Definition of Argumentations:

presentation of argument

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Sentence/Example of Argumentations:

Imprecation is seldom absent from these incursions, being, in fact, urgently needed to do duty for closer argumentation.

If, again, it means argumentation from one thing to its opposite, it will come under motion to right and left.

He recovered his usual cheerfulness, but could not resist the temptation of adding a few words to his long argumentation.

We grudge that the boundless exuberance of painting should go to decorate the argumentation of an unfruitful system of doctrine.

At the same time the power of argumentation was so much the more remarkable, as it was the more concealed.

Analogy lies at the basis of simile, metaphor, and personification, which are often used in argumentation.

A fool contradicts me, and I submit to the argumentation of that fool!

It is beside the point whether such argumentation be true or false, patriotic or seditious.

It is of course impossible for me to give an opinion upon the argumentation in Mr. Seward's voluminous note.

Dialectic is the art of close argumentation in the form of disputation or dialogue.