Ascots [noun]

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It was at this dinner that he characteristically confessed, at last, to having stolen the Ascot Cup.

So, after all, the Ascot Cup would be one of the trophies which he would bear home with him across the Atlantic.

As the evening wore on—and one young man after another asked Jocelyn Montrevor if she were going to Ascot, what?

The trackless path over the frozen snow during the season is as full of life as Windsor park was in the old Ascot days.

Ascot is very curious in his poultry, particularly on Sunday afternoon.

He had left Lord Ascot's carriage and got into the train some time before this.

I cannot give you any idea as to how Lady Ascot said "Heugh!"

There were only four people—Lord Ascot, the stud-groom, and two lads.

You will never be poor or friendless while Lady Ascot lives.

Lady Ascot had gone in; so Charles went in too, and went upstairs to his aunt's room.