Azure [adjective]

Definition of Azure:

purplish blue

Synonyms of Azure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Azure:


Sentence/Example of Azure:

Softly tremble in the delicate blue mist and the azure spirals from his old Virginia clay—the domes of a sea-bathed city.

In his verses he was frequently led from the mists and mud of Paris to the countries of light, azure, and perfume.

The filmy, azure angles at the tip were straining to part, held together by just one drop of light.

It is in the most beautiful azure depths of the limpid water that this hideous, voracious polyp delights.

Gilt and scarlet and azure the palaces rose in every direction, under a wilderness of fluttering flags.

The eggs of the mocking-bird are blue with brown spots; those of the orpheus are of a beautiful azure tint.

Other fungi were of dazzling whiteness, which Lejoillie likened to a casket of pearls, supported by an azure stalk.

I had never before known what colour meant, I had never seen blue before, nor azure, nor green.

One day the Supreme Being took it into his head to give a great banquet in his palace of azure.

Down below, the Thames threaded with shining curves a vast and elusive valley of azure.