Beggars [noun]

Definition of Beggars:

person asking for charity

Synonyms of Beggars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beggars:


Sentence/Example of Beggars:

He's a lucky beggar, Reginald, a very lucky beggar, and Warrender's daughter is more than he deserves.

A beggar asking alms under the character of a poor scholar, a gentleman put the question, Quomodo vales?

Valence sent a woman, disguised as a beggar, to spy out the position; but Bruce saw through the dodge, and the spy confessed.

If God put a beggar on horseback, would the horse be blamable for galloping to Monte Carlo?

And on the same authority we find that there is the ghost of dirt, for the ghost of the old beggar-man was "dirty."

In Scotland, even a beggar has none of those abject manners that denote his class elsewhere.

The beggar reciting the Bible to fill his pocket is very well; but he does not come up to the preaching street arab.

I am afraid,' said he, 'that monsieur will think me altogether a beggar; but I have another demand to make upon him.'

You have had the impudence to have your bread baked under the ashes, you scurvy beggar!

A Dutchman—what you would call a Swede—a hulking beggar, came up from the fo'c'sle very much the worse for wear.