Binocular [noun]

Definition of Binocular:

small binoculars

Synonyms of Binocular:

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Sentence/Example of Binocular:

Somewhat awed by my calm fury, he hastened back to camp and returned with the binoculars.

At last he lowered the binoculars and handed them to Wade, who sat next to him.

Morey had been scanning the horizon with a pair of powerful binoculars.

At length he lowered the binoculars and turned toward his companions.

In front of each was a stand which held something like a set of binoculars and what looked like a pair of ear muffs.

Through binoculars, icy patches and bluff points at the eastern and western ends were distinguishable.

Carl fell back against the rail and almost dropped the binoculars.

The next hour dragged a little, but Carl beguiled the time by keeping a sharp lookout ahead through a pair of binoculars.

Snatching the binoculars from Carl's hand, Dick focussed them on the object that had claimed Carl's attention.

“I am afraid you are right, captain,” agreed Sir Edgar, whose binoculars were again glued to his eyes.