Blouse [noun]

Definition of Blouse:

shirt for woman

Synonyms of Blouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blouse:


Sentence/Example of Blouse:

The door opened, and there, poorly dressed in blouse and skirt, stood Miss Anne.

She was enveloped in a sky-blue satin gown, or rather, sort of blouse, ornamented all round with two rows of rich black blond.

She had left her hat and coat in the hall, and wore a smart blue serge skirt and a white blouse.

There was wisdom in this suggestion, so Jess accepted it gratefully, and even added Henry's blouse to the laundry.

She took off Benny's little crinkled blouse and one pair of bloomers, and started to hang them on the line.

Jehosophat had one right under his belt, Marmaduke one in the centre of his blouse, Hepzebiah one under her little red waist.

Jacques Bastien threw his holly stick in a corner, kept on his blouse, and followed his wife and the bailiff to the dining-room.

He was dressed in pants made of old sailcloth, and the tattered cast-off blouse of a Union soldier.

Her skirt was short, of good gray cloth, and she wore a rather mannish coat over a blue woolen shirt or blouse.

The sister had opened his blouse and shirt, and was looking at a little blue hole in his chest, which was not bleeding any more.