Boarding [verb]

Definition of Boarding:

embark on vehicle

Synonyms of Boarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boarding:

Sentence/Example of Boarding:

It was more like the boarding of a ship than any land fight I had ever seen or imagined.

Mr. Collingwood, taking the key from his mother, locked the little door in the boarding, after them.

Yet the word is general and apparently unconnected with the house, as it was not a stable but a boarding-house.

Mrs. Barford, as a country heiress, had received a boarding-school education, and was very superior to Letty in every respect.

Immediately after their arrival, he and his brother Nicholas were sent to a boarding-school.

Keepers of lodging and boarding houses are not innkeepers, nor subject to their liabilities.

If you call upon two ladies who are boarding at the same house, do not send up your card to both at the same time.

Returning to his boarding place, the rector read his father's letter a second time, and then answered it.

His schooling began at the age of nine, but the boy played truant so frequently that he was sent to boarding-school in Avignon.

But when we made periodic inspections of boarding houses and the like, he was an entirely different person.