Cautionary [adjective]

Definition of Cautionary:

giving warning

Synonyms of Cautionary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cautionary:


Sentence/Example of Cautionary:

There were a few cryptic cautionary references to heightened physico-psychological effects.

Plodder's cautionary signal had been hoisted to some purpose after all.

A woman's intuitions do not ask to have a cautionary signal repeated.

I here append a few cautionary hints which must be taken if you wish to dress well.

"A close column forming column of fours," he cried in a shrill treble, quoting the cautionary part of his command.

And with the smile and the cautionary gesture of the true conspirator, he went away in the demi-light.

Sim bent down to comply with this cautionary advice, but suddenly stood crouched, frozen with dismay.

If in these pages I have appeared to flout his cautionary words, it is because he has given me an inward reassurance.

“Little Nancy, or, the Punishment of Greediness,” is representative of this sort of moral and cautionary tale.

Rarely do we find a cheerful tale such as “The Cherry Orchard” in this cautionary style of toy-book.