Chapped [adjective]

Definition of Chapped:

uneven, irregular

Synonyms of Chapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chapped:

Sentence/Example of Chapped:

At the door-step stood a woman in black, and she smiled largely, with dry chapped lips.

The boy, who wore no overcoat, stamped his feet, and thrust his chapped and reddened hands into his threadbare pockets.

He laid his chapped hands on the side board of the bunk and pulled himself up on his legs.

This kind of soap is excellent for shaving, and chapped hands—it is also good for eruptions on the face.

When all in like manner have been chapped out, and are facing the open, the game is finished.

(i) Choppy—chopped or chapped by cold: chapped hands—hands of which the skin is cracked by frost.

This soap is good for shaving, and is an excellent thing for chapped hands and eruptions on the face.

For chapped hands or face: One ounce of glycerine, one ounce of alcohol mixed, then add eight ounces of rose-water.

Cheap soap and hard water are the unknown enemies of many people, and the cause of rough skin and chapped hands.

For chapped lips, beeswax dissolved in a small quantity of sweet oil, by heating carefully.