Comforter [noun]

Definition of Comforter:

a person or thing that comforts

Synonyms of Comforter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comforter:


Sentence/Example of Comforter:

He forced himself to regard the great Enemy of Man as his best friend—his only comforter and refuge.

Perry was putting on his overcoat, winding his long comforter about his neck and drawing on his mittens.

The folds of the blanket looked as big as mountains, the lumps of the comforter as high as the hills.

Tinkle, tinkle went the bells The reindeer lifted their hoofs higher and pawed at the comforter.

He turned to his sole comforter, Serena, watching him with limpid grieved eyes.

When Mr. Klegg returned to his seat he found his carpetsack, umbrella, mittens, and comforter gone.

But Elias came not, nor human comforter, nor angel deliverer.

In the sad days and weeks that followed Rose Hinch was the comforter, offering no words but making her presence a balm.

We were among them—red comforter round neck—skates over shoulder.

Why should not the "Comforter" have come to our churches, with some special significance, before this?