Sympathizer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sympathizer:

But is Mrs. Boompointer really disaffected, and a Southern sympathizer?

"And think of how hard Dave and you worked," put in a sympathizer.

You are a well-known Northern sympathizer and I am compelled to do it.

"I thought you were a Spanish sympathizer, Mr. Wyman," he said.

It created a sort of sympathy which was bad for the digestion of the sympathizer.

Gregg's point of view is that of a sympathizer with the Missouri backwoodsman; Maximilian's is that of the doctrinaire.

Every sympathizer seems to lift a bit of the weight from our own hearts.

Morier was throughout the war a sympathizer with Germany as against France.

The fuse is a "sympathizer" but it is probably somewhere close.

An election is an election, they heard one man saya Taylor sympathizer.