Contusions [noun]

Definition of Contusions:

bruise, injury

Synonyms of Contusions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contusions:

Sentence/Example of Contusions:

It had swelled as though it would burst his coat, but it was only a contusion, though a severe and painful one.

The despoiled bird at least gets off with nothing worse than a contusion at the base of the throat.

She inquired the cause, and was greatly shocked at the frightful contusion upon my temple.

The gallant Captain Harman received three musket-balls in his body, and a severe contusion from a cannon-shot.

Thus landing without commander or colours, the Portuguese fell into contusion, and the two next in command were both slain.

The contusion, or rather the contused wound appeared,—an oval below the chest between the third and fourth ribs.

Except a slight contusion in the knee, he had received no hurt.

His skull was crushed, and he died in a few minutes from contusion of the brain.

At Peterswald, on the road to Dresden, my carriage broke down: my life was endangered; and my son received a contusion in the arm.

From the deck above came a contusion of fierce voices, a strident uproar of shouts and curses.