Crisping [verb]

Definition of Crisping:

spin around

Synonyms of Crisping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crisping:

Sentence/Example of Crisping:

In all cases, however, the operation is termed "crisping" in regard to jute fabrics.

Then she was scorched with heat, her skin crisping up and cracking.

But the flame had caught the lilies, crisping them, and leaving them black.

Anne reveled in the drive to the hall, slipping along over the satin-smooth roads with the snow crisping under the runners.

A fragrant aroma of coffee and bacon crisping on a fire made him realize that he was ready for a solid meal.

She also lay white and twisting on a couch, crisping and uncrisping her little hands.

The warriors had drawn close around it; the trees above were heavy with smoke, and crisping in the hot wind.

She turned her eyes from the curling, crisping foam as if to plead for some little sympathy for these views.

Sitting among the rocks, running through the water, and jumping the little crisping waves are the best ways to get soaked.

At ebb-tide the sea-beach whitened and smoked in the sun, and the hot air quivered over the stones and the crisping wrack.