Customize [verb]

Definition of Customize:

modify to personal expectations

Synonyms of Customize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Customize:


Sentence/Example of Customize:

The best heated vests will give you an extra boost of warmth and comfort, and even allow you to customize temperature and locations where you feel the heat.

Creating a robust system of chatbots customized to individuals would be a much more expensive venture.

Boston Dynamics says only the company can add or remove the arm, but there is room around the robotic limb to add even more sensors if users want to customize their load out.

Parkway’s marketing targets upscale neighborhoods such as Chevy Chase, McLean and Potomac, where clients demand — and are willing to pay for — customized treatment for their belongings.

You can even customize them without ever hiring a professional installer.

Whatever you opt for, it’s worth spending a bit of time getting to know your tracker’s screen, working out how you can customize it so that the functions and information you want most are easily and quickly accessible.

A pair like Bose's Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 has better call quality, a more neutral sound, and the ability to customize noise-cancelling strength, but overall, we think Sony's pair is the better deal, particular at this price.

Some smart microwaves can track your food routines to suggest customized settings, or boast power-saving modes, antimicrobial coatings, and additional options for heating techniques that include toasting and browning.

You can customize lock screen security on Android by going to Settings, choosing Security, and then Screen lock.

Customers are also spending heavily to customize their homes.