Dabbler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dabbler:

A former football player at Virginia’s Liberty University, the conservative evangelical institution, Council appears to have dabbled in politics, as well.

He avoids red meat, seldom snacks and has dabbled in fasting, which has been shown in animal models to boost memory.

Hedge funds and wealthy individuals have dabbled in them for years in an effort to beat the market.

Walgreens is dabbling with numerous partnerships to add items like groceries and mobile phones to its stores.

Soto, listed above in left field, dabbled in right this past September.

As previously reported by Digiday, Clorox has had an in-house agency for over twenty years, but more recently its in-house shop, Electro, started to dabble in programmatic media buying.

Unfortunate Dabbler, now upon his mettle, declared that "should he ever want satisfaction, his solicitor should get it for him."

Now Dabbler was a widower; he was not of prepossessing appearance, and his h's troubled him, but Dabbler was a warm man.

"To dance implies that a man is glad," and Dabbler was a cheerful-minded fellow enough, but no lady danced with him a second time.

But he did not give in without a struggle, and he fought loyally for the absent Dabbler, but the girls were inexorable.