Dangling [adjective]

Definition of Dangling:

supported from above

Synonyms of Dangling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dangling:


Sentence/Example of Dangling:

He was not a man to dodge trouble that might bring profit dangling to the fringe of her skirt.

Mariequita sat near by, dangling her legs, watching him work, and handing him nails from the tool-box.

Besides, there was the ever unceasing grizzly spectre of poverty dangling before Jessie's eyes.

The American was dressed after the fashion prevailing in the hills, and had a couple of revolvers dangling at his hips.

I remember the feeling I had when my brother once showed me the picture of a man dangling from the branch of a tree.

The two bells are tied by a silver chain and slung over the elephant's back, one dangling on each side of him.

He perched at Charity's feet, his legs dangling between the wheels, and they could not say much because of his presence.

Do not keep unfortunate little children's feet dangling all through their school years to save a few pennies on school furniture.

Sure enough the old man was alone, the fragment of the parted strap dangling from his outstretched wrist.

From the broken gratings in front, the bit of rope and strip of blanket were left dangling in the wind.