Darkish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Darkish:

It being a little darkish, I staid not to take notice of him, but we went directly back again.

The Harry Longlegs—dubbed with darkish brown hair, and a brown hackle over it, head rather large.

This extract has a darkish brown colour, and tastes and smells strongly of cubebs.

They supply it either in a fairly pure state, or as a darkish moist mass containing many impurities.

If the cementation be continued too long, the steel acquires a darkish fracture, it is more fusible, and incapable of welding.

Rugel had a huge cleft darkish scar across his lip, and there were two bands on his cloak.

The plumage of this bird is darkish brown, the naked head being red.

Soames could see his pale tongue passing over his darkish lips.

When a cub, it is of a darkish brown, which becomes a light brown as it approaches maturity.

The Wheat Weevil (Calandra granaria), of a darkish brown, lays its eggs on the grains, of which the larv then eat the interior.