Darted [verb]

Definition of Darted:

race away; propel

Synonyms of Darted:

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Sentence/Example of Darted:

If you’ve ever tried to shoot a dart after your dog—or maybe a sibling—gnawed on it, you know those lumps and bumps give the foam ammo a wild and unpredictable trajectory.

The way he deciphers the defense, darts and shifts within the pocket and releases the ball quickly with accuracy remains unmatched.

We know the timings of when this person needs to run in, or when the shock dart comes or when the Omen flash is coming.

A kite and a dart fit together to form a rhombus with angles of 72 and 108 degrees.

Aristide darted off like a dragon-fly in the sunshine, as happy as a child with a new toy.

Chinese lanterns hung from the trees and in festoons around the bandstands and darted about in the hands of the revellers.

She watched him, and suddenly a suspicion darted through her mind—a suspicion that he suspected them.

He darted his eyes quickly in her direction, recalling a time before when he had intimated something of the kind.

I knew then that there was not an instant to be lost, and like a flash I darted along the gallery and down the stairs.

It was a small enemy, fierce for their blood, which darted out from the grass and fastened upon their bodies.