Daydreams [noun]

Definition of Daydreams:

fantasy thought of when awake

Synonyms of Daydreams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daydreams:

Sentence/Example of Daydreams:

After a childhood spent in forced labor for gang leaders and an early adulthood spent in detention, Kevin began trying to live out some of his earlier daydreams.

Here came a charismatic coach coveted enough that Ed Orgeron, present-day owner of a national championship, had to wait at LSU just to make sure Herman didn’t go there and wreck his daydreams.

The discovery evokes daydreams of futuristic technologies that could reshape electronics and transportation.

Do not go through life in a daydream, but keep a sharp lookout for things of interest and value.

I shoved my mind into low gear and started to think idle thoughts, letting myself sort of daydream.

To console myself I read and re-read your letters and daydream about the future.

Wholly absorbed in her daydream, Flicit Gauvrit did not perceive that she had nearly reached home.

It is a tough assignment for a child to know where a daydream ends and impossibility begins!

A man of mere capacity undeveloped,' as Emerson says, 'is only an organised daydream with a skin on it.'

It looked very much as if he had at last stumbled upon the horrible tragedy which was his one daydream.