Deadening [verb]

Definition of Deadening:

diminish, muffle, quiet

Synonyms of Deadening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadening:

Sentence/Example of Deadening:

Never has there been a religion more depressing, more hopeless, more deadening to all initiative.

And in a few minutes Paul heard his father's heavy steps go thudding over the deadening snow.

Missionaries in foreign-mission lands speak much of the peculiar, deadening, moral atmosphere there.

Nothing is more deadening and more commonplace than this peculiar form of wit, when it becomes a habit or offers itself in a mass.

Night and the March moon awake the winter-dormant wilderness from the white man's deadening spell.

No doubt they had been present at many similar scenes, and custom is a deadening factor.

Unyielding obstinacy in discussion is deadening to conversation, and yet the extreme contrary is crippling.

Conversation at its highest is the most delightful of intellectual stimulants; at its lowest the most deadening to intellect.

The climate is monotonous and deadening, rather than enlivening.

Novel-reading is a considerable factor in flattening and deadening the mind.