Deceived [adjective]

Definition of Deceived:

led astray

Synonyms of Deceived:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceived:

Sentence/Example of Deceived:

But even the great Mr. Abrahams, on one notable occasion at least, had been deceived.

It was just what Lawrence wanted, but what to do with the man and still keep him deceived puzzled Lawrence.

But if hope for some strange reason refused to die completely, he did not allow himself to be deceived.

Yet there were other days when she listened, was led on and deceived by fresh promises which her youth held out to her.

The party seeking redress, must have been deceived, and also injured by the deceit in order to recover.

Of course if a person has been deceived by an agent, if a fraud has been practised on him, he can avoid his contract.

There was a thin cat there, deceived to expectation by the long-deserted hole of a rat.

Gradually he forsook his wife, whom he deceived on account of Madame de Serizy.

We may all be deceived; but monarchs rarely hear the truth: if they do not seek it, it seldom appears to them.

Was it good news that the woman that he had thoughtlessly deceived held herself aloof from him and above him?