Deductive [adjective]

Definition of Deductive:

realistic; of sound mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Deductive:

Sentence/Example of Deductive:

Of inductive and deductive, the inductive 140 proofs generally go first.

General truths and their application by deductive arguments usually stand late in the brief.

According to the foregoing remarks, hypotheses are invented to enable the Deductive Method to be earlier applied to phenomena.

But, further, this reasoning by counters is only suitable to a very limited portion even of our deductive processes.

In spite of his allegiance to "tradition," he generally prefers deductive to inductive reasoning.

And as will be shown presently, nothing of a really scientific character is here possible, except by the inverse deductive method.

But deductive logic is the creation of Aristotle; and it was the authority of Aristotle that Bacon sought to subvert.

His Studies in Deductive Logic, consisting mainly of exercises and problems for the use of students, was published in 1880.

He was clearly not very taken with the deductive powers of Mr. Headland, and he showed it very plainly.

The surplus labour of the latter is an empiric fact, demonstrable by experience, which needs no deductive proof.