Defected [verb]

Definition of Defected:

break from belief, faith

Synonyms of Defected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defected:

Sentence/Example of Defected:

Down syndrome is a well-known developmental disability, and Janine was born with a heart defect often associated with the genetic condition.

The angle at which the blade approaches the hair and the presence of defects in the steel’s heterogeneous microstructure also play a role.

Pulling the cured latex from the moldI dust the inside of the mold with talcum powder to ensure that the latex does not fall over and stick to itself creating a permanent defect on the casting.

It’s been collaboratively maintained by many people over time, and it has known defects due to its long history.

When pulses of light are fired into the fibers’ ends, defects in the glass reflect the light back to its source.

Experiments on cells in lab dishes and measuring interferon levels in blood show that people with these genetic defects didn’t produce many interferons.

In follow up emails the spokesperson further confirmed it hasn’t identified any defects with any e-bikes it’s tested, nor withdrawn any bikes from its supplier.

“That defect was fatal to Scroggin’s nomination and, therefore, to Hawkins’ substitution,” the court ruled.

The plaintiffs allege that the headphones “contain a design defect that causes them to stop retaining a charge.”

He kept to himself, and when he went abroad, he defected to Russia.