Defied [verb]

Definition of Defied:

challenge, frustrate

Synonyms of Defied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defied:

Sentence/Example of Defied:

Cowardice prompted him to remain silent, and something which defied silence prompted him at last to talk.

You have defied the power of Holy Church as you have defied the power of our sovereign lady, and justice is upon you.

The chief peril was that in which Sir Hugh was placed, now that he had openly defied the doctor.

Prothero's case defied all rule and precedent, and Brodrick was not prepared with a judgment of his own.

I defied them all; they laid wait for me, attacked me all together, and killed my horse, yet I wounded three of them.

He defied all detractors in the most uncompromising way: they were liars and slanderers, and he only wished he knew their names.

Her voice defied, almost repelled him; but her face turned to him with its involuntary surrender.

Then, as if her genius defied the ultimate corruption, it soared and made itself its own funeral fire.

The woolly stems of the millet, likewise, defied their insatiable appetites.

What pleasure or benefit could arise from this snarling contradiction, would have defied a wiser brain than Ida's to determine.