Deign [verb]

Definition of Deign:

lower oneself

Synonyms of Deign:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deign:

Sentence/Example of Deign:

But Canon Drivel's daughter did not deign to answer, she merely rang for prayers.

Mr. Catherwaight did not deign to open his eyes this time, but moved his head uneasily as if he wished to be let alone.

Mme. la Duchesse, I pray you deign to re-enter your carriage.

Gentle Night; deign to stay awhile: Some help is needed from you.

No; but if it be possible, deign to tell me what passed at this return.

My own Neddino does not deign to lighten my darkness by a single word.

A very handsome footman, not only in white gloves but in white calves, was soon supplicating him to deign to enter a lift.

They wondered I could deign to speak anything but French, and concluded I did so only out of compliment to their homeliness.

Pray deign to accept my best wishes for your welfare, and my entreaty that you will sometimes think of me.

Then, in a solemn voice, the priest invoked the saint to deign to decide the fate of the accused maiden then standing before her.