Delays [noun]

Definition of Delays:

deferment, interruption

Opposite/Antonyms of Delays:

Sentence/Example of Delays:

Not many complaints are made now, for delays and disappointments are things of the past.

After long delays Crane and Keith made pretense of building camps and starting to log.

Usually the trial comes off within a few months, but not infrequently long delays occur.

After some public delays which have tryed my patience, I at length resolved to wait no longer for the Budget.

All delays are at an end—Tuesday—to-morrow the final warrant will be signed; Friday next, you may salute the Royal paw.

There were a number of other delays, for we could not find a porter, and the room waiter refused to carry our baggage to the car.

"I don't see how Washington could have patience with so many disappointments and delays," said Lulu.

General Grover sent out horses for us, and so we reached the city after many vexatious delays and rough experiences.

The unsettled boundary lines though still causes of uneasiness and vexatious delays, are gradually approaching final decision.

Then they paid dearly for the wicked delays imposed upon them, for a succession of storms soon broke upon them in October.