Deleted [verb]

Definition of Deleted:

erase, remove

Synonyms of Deleted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deleted:

Sentence/Example of Deleted:

On p. 21 The redundant double quotation mark after "grandure" has been deleted.

Several changes within deleted passages are discussed but not marked on the text.

In the e-text, deleted text is shown with solid underlines, while changed text has dashed underlines.

Duplicate sidenotes (repeated at the top of continuation pages) were deleted.

I downloaded it all and kept it on my laptop at home, which downloaded and deleted my mail from the server every sixty seconds.

There is not a line written by him during this year which, if it were deleted from his works, would anyway impair his poetic fame.

Expressions such as black as sin ought to be deleted from the language.

Nearly all the conversation between the Mayor and Datchery is deleted.

Page 207: Unmatched closing quotation mark deleted after from other men.

Every letter I've had from abroad recently from chaps in the service has had the same address--'A deleted port.'