Deltoid [adjective]

Definition of Deltoid:

having three angles

Synonyms of Deltoid:

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Sentence/Example of Deltoid:

A variety (danica) with stalked, deltoid leaves and an oval veiny pod, is plentiful in some places.

The beautiful creature who was incredulous concerning the diaphragm suggested that he also had hold of the deltoid.

But the others scornfully suggested that the deltoid was a muscle; they knew, because they had dissected one that very morning.

The leaves are entire, lobed or toothed, often more or less deltoid or triangular in shape.

As she stood, turned sideways to him, one hand on her hip, the deltoid muscle was at once contracted and foreshortened.

Along the proximal part of the anterior or pre-axial surface runs a strong deltoid ridge.

This ridge, which in many animals is much more strongly developed than it is in the dog, is called the deltoid ridge.

In the Hares it is long and straight, with a small distal end, and a slight deltoid ridge.

In the Beaver on the other hand the deltoid and supinator ridges are considerably developed.

In the Carnivora vera the humerus has large tuberosities, a prominent deltoid ridge and a deep olecranon fossa.