Demitted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Demitted:

Isnard, repentant of that search on which river-bank Paris stood, declares himself ready to demit.

Yas suh, dey had to have a demit to go any place outside work hours.

Neither will Barbaroux demit; he "has sworn to die at his post, and will keep that oath."

But no man is entitled to a demit, unless at the time of demanding it he be in good standing and free from all charges.

The right to demit or resign never has, until within a few years, been denied.

My own chieftaincy I could demit without regret, knowing that it would fall into your hands.

So that La Mettrie had to demit; to get out of France rather in a hurry, lest worse befell.

Your home is in this State and you will probably demit from our Patrol and join some other more convenient.

The avenger of blood may not demit his duty until some member of the other tribe has been killed.