Demonstrations [noun]

Definition of Demonstrations:

display of proof

Synonyms of Demonstrations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrations:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrations:

These practical demonstrations occurred usually in the opening enthusiasm of the term.

Mr. William Aird, the germ-proof man, has been giving demonstrations in London.

There have been some serious demonstrations in the Quarter by the students, who can form a small army when combined.

This exasperated the students so that they began one of those demonstrations for which Paris is famous.

They were to me disappointing efforts, if they were meant to be demonstrations of the success of co-operation.

Had these demonstrations been made earlier, and vigorously, we could have gotten over the river.

We were informed that cannon were planted commanding the camp, and would be opened on us if we renewed our demonstrations.

The air of reality about this review distinguished it from sham fights and field-days, and all holiday demonstrations of the kind.

Meanwhile the multitude at the ferry made demonstrations of crossing in the boat, with shouts and menaces.

Buzonniere, Rochfort and Fangouse are milder and more naive in their demonstrations and their works are of no weight or interest.