Demystify [verb]

Definition of Demystify:

disprove, ridicule

Synonyms of Demystify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demystify:

Sentence/Example of Demystify:

A series of infographics and videos accompany the index to explain and demystify hydrogen fuel across a range of themes and issues.

Today, in the pages of Science and Science Advances, an army of researchers share the history of Bennu that they’ve managed to piece together so far—a story that may eventually help demystify our humble origins.

Being transparent about the effects applied can help to demystify the sometimes subtle tweaks that face retouching filters are making to our photos.

Since good advice is always better than a bad metaphor, we reached out to Brooklyn Track Club head coach Steve Finley to demystify the tempo run and give us a few workout suggestions.

Less than a month later, it is demystifying its controversial H-1B visa suspension.