Denotes [verb]

Definition of Denotes:

designate, mean

Synonyms of Denotes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denotes:

Sentence/Example of Denotes:

In more than one passage of the prayer of Solomon, at the dedication of the temple, it denotes to Covenant.

If there be any whose appearance denotes a more than common birth, treat him with due respect, and conduct him to my cave.

In India the word “station” denotes any European settlement outside the three Presidency towns.

He looked younger, too, and no one could help admitting that he had that grand air that denotes birth and breeding.

This denotes the fortitude of these first preachers; and their success in their spiritual enterprises.

A lively gratitude denotes a great esteem and affection for the person who lays us under some obligation.

To give awkwardly denotes the churl; the most difficult and unpleasant part is to give; then, why not add a smile?

The differentia should include all the members that the term denotes, and it should exclude all that it does not denote.

The sign always denotes the character of the charge on the first component written in the subscript to .

There is but a slight skirting of forest, which denotes to the distant spectator the locality of this creek.