Depilation [noun]

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Hence it is usual to employ sulphides to assist the depilation.

Those who make free use of the x-ray commonly push it to the point of producing depilation.

The dancer, indicating by continual glances that he is afraid of being seen, simulates the depilation of the pubic hair.

“Sweating” as a method of depilation is obsolete in England so far as heavy leathers are concerned.

Thus the hides need no labour from first being inserted until drawn for depilation.

In liming, the whole of the epidermis as well as the hair is loosened, and is subsequently removed in depilation.

Lime plays its own hydrolytic part and assists the depilation by purely chemical action.

This consists in immersing the skins after depilation in a warm fermenting infusion of dog-dung.

It is obvious that in such liquors "putrefaction" is a more correct term than "liming" for the depilation.

Another result of the tight texture of goatskin is that depilation is not easily effected.