Deplorably [adverb]

Definition of Deplorably:

dangerously, critically

Synonyms of Deplorably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deplorably:

Sentence/Example of Deplorably:

Mach was “un bon mecanicien,” Einstein said bitterly, but a “deplorable philosophe.”

In most cases he is deplorably curt of speech and brusque of deportment.

That's really not my case—I find my capacity for pleasure deplorably below the mark I've set.

How deplorably and unaccountably evanescent are our frames of mind, as various as the forms and hues of the summer clouds!

She had spoken of her to her aunt, who had again shown herself deplorably illiberal and incisive.

Clumps of sea-weed and paper-balls are thrown at ALF, who by this time is looking deplorably warm and foolish.

But notwithstanding all this alleviation, these evils are still deplorably great.

Evidently this was a bear of the most deplorably low moral character!

Something even more deplorably unworthy of him than what he had done already?

Yet how deplorably destitute are the great mass of the People!