Descended [verb]

Definition of Descended:

move down, lower a

Synonyms of Descended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Descended:

Sentence/Example of Descended:

Some evenings, whirlybirds of unknown origin seem to descend en masse.

While there’s no direct evidence that life descended from otherworldly microbes, amino acids and sugars have been found in outer space and within meteorites on Earth.

A sort of cease-fire descended on Kitwe, and Lungu’s Patriotic Front carried the decisive Copperbelt Province in the 2016 general election.

All the dogs in the study descended from the same common ancestor, but that original dog population split into at least five branches as it expanded in different directions.

Poles also help you brake when you’re descending, reducing the eccentric muscle contractions that damage your muscles and leave your legs sore the next day.

People were coming dangerously close to abandoning lockdown, especially now that a heat wave had descended.

The weak and electromagnetic forces both descend from a single force that existed in the first moments of the universe, called the electroweak interaction.

The sample collection was made possible through a “touch-and-go” pogo method in which the spacecraft descended with a large 11-foot-long, one-foot-wide arm extended to the ground, making contact for about six seconds.

Instead of mingling at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, where marketers typically descend and sequester themselves for the three day conference, the event is yet another annual marketing conference that has had to pivot to be virtual.

All living humans descend from those people, suggesting that we inherited the fundamental commonalities of our species, our humanity, from them.