Detesting [verb]

Definition of Detesting:

hate; feel disgust toward

Synonyms of Detesting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detesting:

Sentence/Example of Detesting:

Designers detest knobs and buttons cluttering their sleek dashboards.

He can desire and wish only what he judges advantageous for himself; he can not love pain nor detest pleasure.

And as men of learning are conservative in their sympathies, so they generally are fond of peace and detest war.

They pay their addresses to the same mistress; but they cordially detest each other.

The leaders mutually despise and detest one another, and universally endeavour to deceive and supplant each other.

"I detest this voyage to Naples," he wrote to St. Vincent, two days before reaching the port.

I know right well how you detest all letter-writing; I know, too, that you never waste your time.

I do detest fighting when sleepy; and I like to see my enemy, too.

Practically you detest me, but theoretically you love me à la Thinkright.

He is free from ill-humour, which you know is the fault I detest most.