Deviates [verb]

Definition of Deviates:

stray from normal path

Opposite/Antonyms of Deviates:

Sentence/Example of Deviates:

It draws a very strong red line for telco companies who try to deviate from the EU’s net neutrality rules.

So you want to aim by default for the perfect portage in order to minimize wasted time, then deviate from it deliberately only when hunger or scenery or whatever calls for it.

The new film already deviates from the original in other ways — it’s lost most of the songs, removed many of the comical aspects, and even jettisoned the original love story.

But, in the hands of two Brits, playwright Alice Birch and director William Oldroyd, the story migrates to the UK as well as deviating from the novella’s ending.

As lockdowns ease, there’s a willingness among many advertisers to deviate from their tried-and-tested media plans.

The Gini coefficient measures how far a country’s income distribution deviates from being perfectly equal, and in the US this number has steadily risen since the 1980s.

The deer have regular runs, from which they rarely deviate, and which do not vary in the course of years.

Might it not be the nature of bodies, or of some particular bodies, to deviate towards the right?

I will not deviate in the least from the precepts and examples of the ancients, who were always our best masters.

Ptolemy's and Pliny's versions, Diamouna and Jomanes, do not deviate much from the original.