Deviations [noun]

Definition of Deviations:

change, departure

Synonyms of Deviations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deviations:

Sentence/Example of Deviations:

"You will discover a few deviations in the ground plan," returned Coronado, for once ironical.

Bearing this in mind, deviations—apparent or real—from the ordinary course of Gild history will cause us no surprise.

In giving anything like the spirit of the original, much greater deviations, in the written forms, must appear.

Association does not explain reasoning, only the deviations from reasoning.

"No; it was one of our men who has not followed him in all his deviations," replied Boone, still marking the notes of the hounds.

But even allowing for denominational deviations, Islam in the mass is truly devout.

I'm not one to believe much in deviations from the normal—in aberrations from the positive, eh?

Such deviations from the general trend of development are usually attributed to the influence of personalities.

Perhaps it was only a childish attempt to cure me of further deviations from the main road.

This mode of marriage is continued in the totemic age, and is the fundamental mode from which all others are deviations.