Devices [noun]

Definition of Devices:

instrument, tool

Opposite/Antonyms of Devices:

Sentence/Example of Devices:

Already, there are some rudimentary commercial devices that loosely do something like a brain-machine interface.

Other devices, including ionizing and electrostatic purifiers, clean the air without using filters.

It also confirms that you should boost your website to become a local SEO player and indeed, for a successful SEO period with smartphones and smart devices.

Users need a fast internet connection, a headset and some kind of computer or mobile device.

Technological solutions like improved digital device security, abuse-aware technology design that distinguish users from others based on visual or behavioral cues and two-factor authentication to online services are not yet widespread.

A synapse is a growing, changing device, capable of storing information while altering how that information is passed on.

Nearly 60 percent of searches made online are now from mobile devices.

This enabled them to create a device that can mimic the wide field of view, responsiveness, and resolution of the human eye.

Several, he notes have bought devices known as portable Wi-Fi hotspots.

A new approach will make it much easier and cheaper for innovators to build such devices.