Dewlap [noun]

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Fig. 20 is a spirited cut of a variety of the Merino without dewlap, and with a long and somewhat open fleece.

About once in so long a tiny spasm of the muscles would contract the dewlap under his chin.

The outer part of the dewlap was pale orange, and the median part was pinkish blue.

The males have a deep red dewlap with a dark blue median spot.

Dewlap (Dick), an anecdote teller, whose success depended more upon his physiognomy than his wit.

Tell Charlie that if he has not kissed that horrid Dewlap girl yet, I send him a nice long kiss.

Separate figures are given of the animal, its hoofs, eye, and dewlap.

The neck is thick and muscular, nearly round, but somewhat flatted at top, and has little or no dewlap dependant from it.

Then Finn turned to his mate and affectionately licked her low-hanging ears, flews, and dewlap.

Dick had noticed the fleck of blood on the gray of Jan's dewlap, which showed that the terrier had been very much in earnest.