Dhoti [noun]

Definition of Dhoti:

covering cloth

Synonyms of Dhoti:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dhoti:


Sentence/Example of Dhoti:

Lung is Persian for a cloth passed between the loins, is an equivalent of S. dhoti.

Krishna in a flowing dhoti wanders in meadows gay with feathered trees while Radha and her confidante appear in Mughal garb.

In some parts of India half the dhoti only is wound round the loins, the other half being thrown over the left shoulder.

The small form of dhoti worn by men of the lower class is called langoti.

The garment distinctive of the Hindus of all castes, men and women, all over India, is the dhoti or loin cloth.

If you use Charkha only for limited hours daily you will get sufficient cloth for a Dhoti.

That is to say, the trousers were decorated with the addition of a false dhoti-fold in front and behind.

Even her long necklace was visible through the little opening in the dhoti near the right shoulder.

Next came the turn of a dhoti of the girl mentioned above which was hanging in the house.

He soon got tired of this and hastened home and putting on his best pagri and coat and dhoti went back to the market place.