Diabolic [adjective]

Definition of Diabolic:

evil, fiendish

Synonyms of Diabolic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diabolic:





Sentence/Example of Diabolic:

These magic roots have the likeness of a little man, hideously ugly and misshapen in a weird and diabolic fashion.

I have a 337 great talent for compliment, accompanied by a hateful, even a diabolic frankness.

He crouched like a beast, ferine—all the obscure and diabolic passion of him ready to spring.

Why do we admire intellect when it is united with even diabolic disregard of moral laws?

And here M. Gabet said that, allowing for some jugglery, it was impossible not to conclude that there was diabolic agency at work.

The Incarnation of God stirs the diabolic powers, the rulers of "this darkness" to excited activity.

At least, they won't melt: and they come out again like the diabolic rat that Mr. Chips tried to pitch-boil.

Then with diabolic menace the colour changed to an inky blackness, while high above rose the edge of the pall.

With diabolic malice Armstrong left the sentence uncompleted.

It grew positively diabolic as Mr. Ebling took a silk handkerchief from his sleeve and began flicking dust from his spats.