Diaconate [noun]

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Hence the revival of the female diaconate in its multiplication of sisterhoods.

It might well be made a text-book for candidates for the diaconate, or at least in theological colleges.

He had been deposed from the diaconate and from the priesthood for his immoral and lewd life.

The bishop had admitted him to the diaconate in Sydney, and now at Paihia ordained him to the priesthood.

It was then but very seldom that a man chosen to the diaconate abandoned it for a higher function.

At the Diaconate school there was a fellow who wrote verses; and what has become of him?

That system was adopted probably about the middle of the 3rd century, but in Rome the diaconate probably remained centralized.

These are some of the qualifications spoken of as belonging to the diaconate, and are the same in application to either sex.

It was in the East that the diaconate of women originated, and here that it attained its greatest growth.

It was celebrated as a Thanksgiving festival for the restoration of the diaconate of women to the Church.