Diagrams [noun]

Definition of Diagrams:

drawing, sketch of form or plan

Synonyms of Diagrams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diagrams:


Sentence/Example of Diagrams:

I've been studying motor manuals and all that sort of thing ever since I commenced to drive, but diagrams always confuse me.

The only help that seems to have been afforded was the publication in 1835 of some pictures and diagrams of suggested workhouses.

In subsequent diagrams the two reaction lines will, for the sake of clearness, be drawn as if slightly inclined to the vertical.

The statement that the ancient diagrams gave a series of twenty-eight successive dieses or quarter-tones has not been explained.

He used to cover big sheets of paper with complicated diagrams trying to prove something or other to himself.

All around the walls were arranged models, books, and diagrams.

Illustrated with diagrams of various weavings, and twelve samples of cloth for explanation and practice.

Diagrams of the rooms had been sent to Elmira and Miss Langdon herself had selected the furnishings.

The diagrams in Accomptynge by Counters may not line up perfectly in all browsers, but the contents should still be intelligible.

What is black in the diagrams indicates those parts of the hard palate which are touched by the tongue.