Diamond [noun]

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The fastest speed measured, in diamond, was only about half the theoretical maximum.

It’s a handy carbon-capturing trick that may also work with the calcium- and magnesium-rich by-products of nickel, copper, diamond, and platinum mining.

Most diamonds are made of carbon recycled over and over again between Earth’s surface and its crust.

Armed with this super-exciting data on individual tenants, Diamond and her fellow researchers set out to measure some of the long-term effects of rent control in San Francisco.

He just got a good holt–a shore enough diamond hitch–on that thirst-parlour dawg, and chawed.

At last she had fallen asleep and dreamed ecstatic dreams about diamond necklaces and thousand franc notes.

He was decently dressed in grey tweeds, and wore a diamond ring on his little finger.

Later on he went to South Africa, where in the diamond mines he met with great success and made a large fortune.

Joseph Mylchreest was a Manxman, a rough diamond but a man of sterling worth.

And while she clasped the diamond-studded brooch in front of her white throat she glanced round the room for a mirror.