Diapers [verb]

Definition of Diapers:

carve letters or designs into

Synonyms of Diapers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diapers:

Sentence/Example of Diapers:

The pockets are a great way to store wet clothes in one compartment while keeping snacks, diapers, and dry clothes in the other.

In 2018, Treyburn was fined $188,762 for injuring a resident and having a resident sit in a soiled diaper for hours, among other violations.

So, as the Washington Post reports, more people than ever have resorted to stealing essentials like bread, baby formula, and diapers to survive.

On Thursday, the company is unveiling a disposable diaper that claims to be free of many chemicals and made out of plant-based materials, and that fully discloses its ingredients list.

Lines of cars continue to illustrate the elevated demand for basic supplies like food and diapers.

Of course, it also simply informs them when it’s time to change the diaper.

The table-cloths and napkins were of cotton diaper, and there was a good deal of plate used, but not displayed.

He looked at that blue jewel, at the diaper of yellow below it, and he set out upon his nocturnal journey.

I tried to re-diaper a baby one night and got my ring finger gummed for my efforts.

The initial difference in this reign was the more usual occurrence of patterns in diaper upon the clothes.