Diaphoresis [noun]

Definition of Diaphoresis:

body's perspiring

Synonyms of Diaphoresis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diaphoresis:

Sentence/Example of Diaphoresis:

With regard to the state of the atmosphere, warmth favours diaphoresis, cold repels it.

The recumbent posture, and sleep, promote diaphoresis; the erect posture and wakefulness, diuresis.

To prevent it from acting upon the skin, the conditions which favour diaphoresis should be, if possible, avoided.

Probably there also eliminated in a free state, it is thus able to diminish excessive diaphoresis.

Used as a vapor-bath it produces abundant diaphoresis, and the infusion given internally has a like effect.

The indications are to relieve the hypermic kidneys by diaphoresis and purgation.

It is not necessary for me to point out the value of free purgation and diaphoresis in this respect.

There is increased mucous secretion, and a feeling of nausea; but neither diaphoresis nor diuresis has been observed.

He encouraged diaphoresis nearly always, and gave wine and stimulating drugs only when the patient was very weak.

In this case it is well to encourage moderate diaphoresis in the dry blanket.