Diatonic [adjective]

Definition of Diatonic:

having no hue

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Sentence/Example of Diatonic:

The keyboard had eleven, twelve, even thirteen keys in diatonic succession without semitones.

In the Diatonic genus, for example, a semitone must be followed by two tones, so as to make up the interval of a Fourth.

On the Diatonic scale, according to the same writer, the species of an Octave is distinguished by the places of the two semitones.

The scholars who connect the ancient Modes with the species generally confine themselves to octaves of the Diatonic genus.

One was Diatonic, of the 'colour' or variety which Ptolemy recognises as the prevailing one, viz.

It is not certain when the discovery of Pythagoras was extended to the non-diatonic scales.

The modern diatonic scale is fully recognised by him, but only as one of several different divisions.

And the Syntono-lydian may be the Lydian diatonic octave c-c with a similar omission of the lower c.

I play diatonic or chromatic octave scales, with four repetitions or more, on each note—using fourth finger for black keys.

Pentachord, pen′ta-kord, n. a musical instrument with five strings: a diatonic series of five tones.